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ArtSpot Mission

We create original, multidisciplinary performances that illuminate the painful truths and joyful triumphs of the underheard in order to catalyze collective healing and a more just society.

Background Information

Founded in 1995 by Kathy Randels to produce her solo performance work, ArtSpot was incorporated in December 2000 and received its 501(c)3 status in October 2002.  Our productions are a sincere blend of disciplines developed through ensemble authorship, physically rigorous training, original music, interactive sculptural environments, and extended research and rehearsal.

Information about our physically-based, ensemble-devised performances can be found on the Current and Past Performances pages.  Our educational and community programs are described in greater detail on the Programs page.

We believe that all stories and voices within a community deserve expression, and that performance is an essential element of collective healing for all communities, especially those whose voices are not often heard.  We work to revive and foster this belief through an emphasis on the process of creation, and through the celebration of the moment of performance when artists and audience come together to witness and share their collective dreams, sorrows, joys and lives.

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